Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Top tips.

Tiger print nails was one of the first designs I did, however I got bored of all over tiger print so decided to do just tips. I think it looks quite effective with a few nails covered with print all over =]

I think just painting tips with the design is a quick and simple way of making your nails stand out because they're unusual and different to the usual white tipped french manicure. I liked the style so I tried a couple more:

I like the zebra print on this design, but I'm not too keen on the pattern with the pink tip on the ring fingers so would probably just do zebra print tips all over if I were to do it all again. Ah well...trial and error.

I love this one as I think the bows are really cute. I tried to do a version of Amy Childs nails minus the rhinetones and acrylic bows.
Note: No nail art tools were used, just a small cocktail stick.

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