Thursday, 13 September 2012

Union jack nails

Union jack nails inspired by team GB <3

They were rushed and so are very messy...but I like the design.

Gothic florals french mani.

White tips with floral designs always look elegant...but with the large size,boldcolours and harsh black outline, this design has a more gothic look about it than other floral nail art.

Floral nails

I saw a design like this on a picture on google and decided to try it out in blue and white. It takes a little while but definitely looks worth it! My favourite is the flower on the thumb.


Aztec nails

These took me forever to paint by hand...especially on my right! Trying to paint with my left hand is not easy in the slightest.

Gradient leopard print.

To make the gradient, place blobs of each colour on some paper. Using a small sponge, dip it into the blobs of colour and apply to the nails. I then added a matte top coar over the gradient to blend the colours better before painting on theleopard print design.

Water marbling.

This is my first attempt at water marbling...though I'd reccommend using completely different colours as similar tones clash and the effect isnt as noticable.


French tips with flicks.