Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Next purchase?

Look what I came across whilst browsing on the internet!
Cool right?
Im thinking this shall be my next investment as I know this type of polish has been out for a while and my nails haven't yet came into contact with a single stroke of the stuff!
I especially love this colour.

But at £13 a bottle, it is pretty expensive. Good news: You can get a cheaper version from many different brands including The Saturdays and FashionistA Magnetism Nail Lacquer. (However the magnet is sold sperately). You can get the nail polish for £6 and the magnet for £3 at Superdrugs.

Although I love the colour of Whitehall Magnetic Polish from Nails Inc, I think I'll be investing in the cheaper alternative of The Saturdays. Proabably in Vanessa's and Rochelle's colours.

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